Apartment Poetry Quarterly

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from 26 DAYS (A)

for Charles Bernstein

I abase my base.
I abash my bash.
I abate my bait.
I abduct my duct.
I abet my bet.
I abhor my whore.
I abstain my stain.
I abstract my tract.
I abut my butt.
I accede my seed.
I accent my scent.
I acclaim my claim.
I acclimate my climate.
I accompany my company.
I accost my cost.
I account my count.
I accredit my credit.
I accrue my crew.
I acknowledge my knowledge.
I acquire my choir.
I address my dress.
I adhere my here.
I administer my minister.
I admire my mire.
I admit my mitt.
I adore my door.
I advise my vice.
I affirm my firm.
I affix my fix.
I afford my Ford.
I affront my front.
I allow my low.
I amass my mass.
I ambush my bush.
I analyze my lies.
I anchor my core.
I appeal my peel.
I append my end.
I apply my ply.
I appoint my point.
I apportion my portion.
I appose my pose.
I appraise my praise.
I apprise my prize.
I archive my chive.
I arrange my range.
I arrest my rest.
I ashame my shame.
I asperse my purse.
I assault my salt.
I assign my sign.
I atomize my mys.
I atone my tone.
I attack my tack.
I attest my test.
I attire my tire.
I augment my meant.
I avail my veil.
I avoid my void.
I avow my vow.
I await my wait.
I awake my wake.
I award my ward.


psycho therapy psycho
therapy psycho therapy

spare me the trinity
I myself and me

we wouldn’t batter a bug
abdomen thorax head

I like takin Tuinal
like Arthur Koestler et al

‘double suicide has never appealed to me…’

of course
in the course
of the course
of the tale
the course slits

‘however, I cannot live without Arthur, despite certain inner resources…’

it takes x-large violence
to gore the wood

to fit in the fire
to bang a spy

it takes an x-deep dredge
to dredge this

b&w bog