Apartment Poetry Quarterly

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5D C. Tim Earley



We positioned Treenie as our only defense against the virginity blush test. Furthermore she filled the role of SELECTIVE ENCLAVER or decider of who we wrapped in a blue tarp and who we blasted free of sin, honey raw Camel voice rager the ultimate demon flusher and then we sit them on the leather recliner and let them decide on the game show or news show and hope the ethanol work itself out before they turn complete yellow and mummy and shit themselves on the floor and we have to decide whether or not to call the ampulance or drag them into the garden a little on the weedy side. OKRA SQUASH CITRONS HERE. Aluminum foil crown. Silver stigmata and bonemetal vermin corpse harangued us through the vents. A new clown cause for celebration we waited for that moment like a flint strike noon vision any kind of grease release. It wasn’t like he was madeup just regular stringpealed peasant, low birth requisite vast comedic possibilities. I carry open and I carry concealed and my merkin is intricately wrought from the furs of various animals I have killed or tongued or wished to kill and I drink blood and I eat the body and my head is a small satellite dish displayed as a decapitated musical note apost a pine tree shit-thrice alive. Long hair all my glory septic tank backed up if you spat in the backyard because I could not float down the river a beautiful white corpse because I could not drink the field as greenest absinthe because I could not embody the chronic disaster of my minister’s whispers I wanted to fuck everything and spent my life trying to fuck everything the simple dumb human buttock became my plum of signification the damson light encompassed me until my imperial balls shriveled into acorns and the mast of revelation sailed down my throat.


Showing off the relation of bride to subpeen aerator device. Accursed enclosure we run circles about. Feather-haired exposure beast in the air of cruelty PROMISE EYE my friend’s wishes neutralized my own he was my whiteblood flag doubled-frontier of much needed shade and overlord. Uncle was a wraith healer. He femme off goiters with his teeth. Single singe-word rip off a wart. Shambling hate mound dance reek the cancer out. He say SUPINE SUPINE SUPINE. He say that’s my little nasty. My little nasty. You got the dyspep peoples you got the angle dick peoples you got the shriven liver the PALPABLE AIR I’ll palpate ye into an easily deduced sumptuous mortal with one more aire to grievance with one more path out this forest of mouth chlamydia. THEY CALLED HIM A BIRD. Herd of phonies heard of fawnies in the primitive hand the closed vessel of variable fashion in the mendicant hand the pizons all kinds of wrath tickled him. But then he stowed contagion cast it out like daemons and marblez. IN THE SUNKEN TALLOW OF HIS DESIRE. Without contraries there is no superstition. He revert to synecote and tussin. The village was in interval the village was biting at its tail I was fucked by ear near the bar and grill. One pet he brought home from the river near the coal pile he described them as the heap o’ heaps the ESCARPMENT PRICE was the fiercest terrapin chased the felines canines hissed as a deaf arable hisses if it truly is as Lenin claims the gothic lineaments increase with the acquisition of expendable trawling hooks the light off this little star lying down weeping with the resigned herd greet your lunacy as it greets you.


Clove-stitch in graven time. Yolk art insurrection failed. I was fingered by a barrister among the vanquished cloaks of nature. Round my ass off artfully or reliquary river revive my mind and torture me I am a simple mountain man with rueful global snakes a flashing stair in the dispensery of my gallow dreams. A likeness refers to a delectation of salvation. We stored our bosom mistress in Atlanta our Lucky Daryl in Memphis our Rabbit Triage Phantom maintained a spectacular honesty on the margins of New Orleans. In Birmingham we stuffed nightcrawlers into the mouth of the fair Lady Dolmance Privy but then we kisses her we kiss on her. My pappy enjoins me to a notion of COMPLETE UNIVERSAL VOLUTPTOUSNESS but only as a tiny farce to engird the larger farce. Where my seraglio at, where my brilliant manner at impudence spumoni interrogate o answer mine. Because the animals do not speak thus terrain. I was creatured by my waking truth which was wholly fat distinguished from my seminary and/or sleeping truth as it was gaslighted via relational holes in relational walls and me welping in the rear guard of a classroom of which I was supposed to be masterful over with defined logjams of witticisms and fact-corrupts and a hole opens in the back edifice and a small troglodyte comes walking in and is just like STRUM MY FUCK ROLE MY CRIMINALS-FEROCIOUS MY SINUSITUS IS AGLOW BITCHES. Fumble bore pittance transformation. If we can safely state that an alliance of well-bred paramours may extend a particular type of communal address that erases the nomad from its bittered roost UNCTIONARY SAFEGUARD HONOR O INCORRIGIBLES the monies of neutralization dwell in my microbe shadow play its pitch-sensation and cinematic leg-snout overwines and implodes itself as BEST NEW TRICK I refer to my heart as an ORGAN only when its furnishings may be withdrawn.


I will continue returning to places that do not exist. Fair devil nuptial we thought that song would last longer. To remain upright requires even more effort beneath the forgeries of heaven. In the manifest I discovered many drawings of uprooted creatures. I was taken by the asymmetry of their features, and further that in their rendered stillnesses a VIBRATE EMANATION arose from the page and quickened my degeneracy. I have heard it insinuated that a peculiar exhilaration  arrives in the moments just before death and this was that this was that in the irredeemable reliever of my persecutory courtesies I had squelched underfoot many a flesh-pile recordant many a drunkard south of Pittsburgh. I devoted my behalf now to your remains. I corded my staph to the village mean. I afforded that my ass was the judicious afterward of my fair prick and Lordy Meat had lent it to me so. I aborted the crass recursions with which the URBAN METAL insutured and pared my face. My faciality was the rendered heart of a LUXURIOUS SHREW. I ought to conceal ye by confiding in me. I ought to explicate the HORROR CRIME and make a special section of THE BOOK. It was given to me that an enormous black peach grew in my savior’s eye and he was therefore named SIGURD-PEACH-IN-THE-EYE. I hide away the white thieves of white goats. I invite three white pianists to shepherd a parasite tribal measure in the salon with me. I pillage and MOLEST the white that is within and without you. I called a white person on the phone for the purposes of misfortune as amusement. The asignificance of white inquiry I learned that my PROTEM was either extrinsic or MIXED and this was a liberation difficult to bear. Not many years passed before I became A PRETTY PERSUASION the leading example of a white drummer in white pantaloons POCKING OUT ON AN all white reenactment of an ordinary day in the Vietnam. I WAS A FURRY ON THE INSIDE.