Apartment Poetry Quarterly

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11A Aditi Machado



It is the skyward glance that begins.

Begins to look upon the wind chimes up on the tree.

In the tree, medallions. Jade medallions quivering correlatively.

Color flashing into the feet commits a stirring effect upon the

This feels good.

This feels so good … that the back should rest …

and the legs one had too long been upon … and sinking in the dun
earth feels good on the ear … the ear shifting with the head hits
the bicuspid grass … now it is the bicuspid grass that

begins the ear … meaning downwardly corresponds its deep wet
riot the back bites the deep dun earth yer get shook about for the
late few pennies but it just feels so dun … good … so good to be
given … pause the eye and ear somewhere in tow … and
somewhere the foot … the foot that came in a pair goes one then
the other the ear grovels in the mud the knee twists toward the
sky … are these

the postures? … the cunt that lies among the reeds … is this?

Now it is the cunt that begins. Now it is the skyward glance that
stunts thy canny lingual dream that instituted the lying under the
tree … and is this the posture? Doubt has this surface to it

like the skin of milk but on the sea … the sea that the plain eye
and the plain ear observe from their heartland seam … is this

from this body? Doubt has this pleasure to it

like the skin of milk but on the sea and now it is the song
that is alveolar now it is the womb that wanders now … a cloud … now
it shall rain … are these the divisions? Feel these ribs, are these?
Feeling has this question to it like

the skin of milk the ear falls to the ground and listens … coral
reef, receive this … like the male of the species, receive this …